Engaging on Policy and Social Issues (2019 Disclosure)

Certain things are core to our business ethos. These include supporting the communities we serve, and our industry’s important role in society, including in the transition to cleaner energy. This commitment is reflected in our involvement with and financial support of various organizations that advance these priorities, and in our governance framework:

Our Code of Conduct identifies support of our communities as an important aspect of who we are as a company – we provide financial contributions to literally hundreds of non-profit organizations ranging from local chambers of commerce and food banks to cultural and artistic organizations, and encourage volunteerism among our employees

Our Political Engagement Policy recognizes the importance of participating in public policy discussions that impact our industry, including through involvement with trade associations and other non-profit organizations

Our Anti-Corruption Policy reinforces our commitment to strict compliance with laws regulating lobbying and political engagement

Trade Associations

Trade associations often serve as a voice for our industry, with many being key advocates for and enablers of cleaner energy. Trade associations leverage the collective resources, know-how and experience of their members to collaborate, share knowledge and educate key stakeholders, including regulators and legislators. Below is a list of trade associations to which the Fortis organization contributed at least C$25,000 in 2019.

  • Trade Associations
  • Organization Name Fortis-Wide (CAD)
    Alberta Power Industry Consortium $45,000.00
    Alliance for Transportation Electrification $67,645.00
    American Gas Association $229,240.07
    Americans for a Clean Energy Grid (ACEG) $32,172.50
    Arizona Energy Policy Group $47,436.68
    BC Bioenergy Network $50,000.00
    BC LNG Alliance $165,000.00
    Blue Green Alliance $26,538.00
    Business Council for Sustainable Energy $26,538.00
    Business Roundtable $132,690.00
    Canadian Gas Association $541,308.00
    Canadian Electricity Association $362,236.90
    Canadian Energy Association $55,937.00
    Canadian Energy Pipeline Association $226,000.00
    Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance $40,000.00
    Centre for Energy Advancement through Technology Innovation (CEATI) $108,203.00
    Consortium for Energy Efficiency $46,871.00
    Edison Electric Institute $1,820,292.41
    Energy Coalition of New York $46,441.50
    Electricity Distributors Association $81,900.00
    Electrical Safety Association $40,512.00
    North American Transmission Forum $44,167.19
    Iowa Utility Association $110,132.70
    Utility Air Regulatory Group (dissolved in 2019) $74,546.57
    Utility Solid Waste Activities Group $44,351.63
    Western Energy Institute $77,175.00
    Wires Group (WIRES) $92,883.00
    TOTAL $4,635,218.15

    US dollar amounts converted to Canadian dollars using the 2019 weighted average US-Canada exchange rate of $1.32.

Other Non-Profits

Fortis supports other tax-exempt organizations that advocate on policy issues of relevance to the utility industry, such as renewable energy and electrification of transportation, and other issues of social significance. Below is a list of tax-exempt organizations which may engage in lobbying or political activity to which Fortis contributed in 2019. Due to the large number of tax-exempt entities to which we contribute and in order to focus our disclosure on those that are most likely to engage in public policy advocacy of interest to our stakeholders, we have excluded certain categories of organizations, including chambers of commerce; local economic development organizations; municipalities/counties; regional planners; first responders; professional organizations and governing bodies; pure research, educational or historical organizations; standards organizations; and political and government organizations.

  • Other Non-Profits
  • Organization Name Fortis-Wide (CAD)
    Alberta Irrigation Districts Association $5,500.00
    American Legislative Exchange Council (membership withdrawn in 2020) $23,062.93
    American Wind Energy Association $19,903.50
    Arizona Grantmakers Forum $4,113.39
    Arizona Mexico Commission* $19,903.50
    Arizona Tax Research Association* $26,869.73
    Association of British Columbia Marine Industries $5,250.00
    BC Produce Marketing Association $414.00
    BC Trucking Association $4,970.00
    Building Owners and Management Association of BC $50,000.00
    Business Council of New York $18,388.18
    Canadian Association of Members of Public Utility Tribunals (CAMPUT) $3,298.00
    Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business $6,130.00
    Canadian Green Buildings Council $21,000.00
    Canadian Solar Industries Association $3,600.00
    Canadian Urban Transit Association $1,436.00
    Canadian Urban Transit Research (CUTRIC) $15,450.00
    Clean Energy BC $2,500.00
    Clean Energy Canada $68,475.00
    Council of Industry $3,914.36
    Electric Mobility Canada $2,585.00
    Environmental Federation of Oklahoma $796.14
    Fraser Basin Council $5,000.00
    Gulf Coast Power Association $3,980.70
    Industrial Energy Consumers of America $3,317.25
    Iowa Taxpayers Association* $1,326.90
    League of United Latin American Citizens* $3,317.25
    Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council $1,592.28
    Michigan Manufacturers Association $6,541.61
    Michigan Municipal Electric Association $862.48
    National Electricity Roundtable $6,300.00
    National Rural Electric Co-op Association $19,903.50
    New Mexico Utility Shareholders Alliance $23,884.20
    NL Association of Technology & Innovation $795.00
    North American Energy Markets Association $1,990.35
    Northeast Gas Association $19,903.50
    Northwest Public Power Association $18,709.29
    Ontario Vegetation Management Association $900.00
    Organization for International Investment $23,070.25
    Pembina Institute $50,000.00
    SEA/LNG $36,415.00
    SFU Renewable Cities $10,000.00
    Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel $10,321.20
    Southern Arizona Leadership Council $26,538.00
    Utilities Technology Council $17,952.81
    Utility Aborist Association $265.00
    Waterpower Canada $4,418.00
    Western Energy Supply and Transmission Associates $22,595.78
    Wildfire (an Arizona poverty group) $265,778.07
    TOTAL $893,238.15

    *501(c)4 organizations under the US Internal Revenue Code.

    US dollar amounts converted to Canadian dollars using the 2019 weighted average US-Canada exchange rate of $1.32.


Fortis subsidiaries operate on a substantially autonomous basis, with local management, and generally with independent boards of directors, but are expected to adopt a policy framework that is consistent with the requirements of the Fortis core policies.

Our Code of Conduct requires strict compliance with all laws and regulations, specifically referencing those relating to lobbying and political contributions. The Code outlines our responsibilities and internal control processes for authorizing, reporting, monitoring and recording lobbying activities, and political and charitable contributions. The Code requirements relating to lobbying and political and charitable contributions are reinforced and expanded on through our Anti-Corruption Policy and Political Engagement Policy.

Fortis and subsidiary management are responsible for advancing our corporate-wide strategic objectives, including promoting clean energy and other sustainability goals. Management directs their respective operations to advance these objectives. Generally, executive compensation is also tied to how well these objectives are achieved. In this way, advancing our strategic energy and climate objectives is core to the management function, which includes oversight of trade association memberships. Our management and boards review our trade association memberships regularly to avoid material misalignment with our corporate values and policies.


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