Fortis is committed to conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner. The Corporation uses sound environmental judgement in its decision making, planning and operations to meet the existing and future energy needs of its customers.

To fulfill this commitment, Fortis and its subsidiaries endeavour to:

  • meet and comply with all applicable laws, legislation, policies, regulations and accepted standards of environmental protection;
  • manage activities consistent with industry practice and in support of the environmental policies of all levels of government;
  • identify and manage risks to prevent or reduce adverse consequences from operations, including preventing pollution and conserving natural resources;
  • regularly conduct environmental monitoring and audits of environmental management systems and protocols, and strive for continual improvement in performance;
  • regularly set and review environmental objectives, targets and programs;
  • communicate openly on environmental issues with stakeholders, including customers, employees, contractors and the general public;
  • support and participate in community-based projects that focus on the environment;
  • provide training for employees and those working on behalf of the utilities to enable them to fulfill their duties in an environmentally responsible manner;
  • work with industry associations, government, investors and other stakeholders to establish standards for the environment appropriate to the utilities’ business; and
  • seek feasible, cost-effective opportunities to decrease greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions and increase renewable energy sources.

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ITC’s Transmission Connects Wind

ITC has developed its transmission network to connect 5,800 MW of wind energy production capacity in Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Kansas and Oklahoma, with another 2,225 MW in the production queue. More than half of the wind capacity connected to ITC is in Iowa, where the generation sometimes exceeds the load on the system. ITC recognizes the critical role transmission plays in connecting clean energy. Its investments have enabled wind farms to be optimally located, resulting in millions of dollars of customer savings. Learn more

UNS Energy’s Resource Diversification

UNS Energy’s long-term portfolio diversification strategy includes significant reductions in coal-fired generation capacity through planned unit retirements, and replacement of that capacity with renewable energy and efficient natural gas resources. UNS realized a 16% total CO2 emission reduction from diversification efforts from 2006 baseline year to 2017 and expects to reach a 34% reduction by 2032. Learn more

FortisBC Provides Cleaner Energy

FortisBC’s Tilbury liquefied natural gas (LNG) expansion project in Delta, British Columbia is nearing completion. The $400 million project includes the construction of a new LNG storage tank, additional liquefaction and LNG truck loading equipment. LNG from the facility provides a cleaner alternative to diesel for power generation in remote communities, and transportation fuel for buses, trucks and ferries. Learn more

Central Hudson’s Smart Grid Initiative

Central Hudson is currently moving forward with its smart grid initiative, which will increase energy efficiency and reduce losses. The program began in 2015 and is expected to be completed by 2022. This initiative incorporates several large, interrelated projects including: the continued deployment of smart distribution devices coupled with distribution circuit upgrades; the installation of a tiered two-way communications network; and the installation of a centralized control center and platform. Learn more

FortisAlberta’s Streetlight Conversion

FortisAlberta’s Streetlight Conversion Program is available to its municipal customers. This program allows FortisAlberta to partner with municipalities in its service territory who wish to retrofit existing streetlights to energy efficient light-emitting-diode (LED) streetlights. The retrofit of 10,000 lights was completed in 2016 with a further 70,000 planned for 2017–2018. In total, the LED retrofit program is expected to save an estimated 32 million kWh each year with a GHG savings equivalent to approximately 20,000 tonnes of CO2. Learn more

Newfoundland Power’s EnviroFest

EnviroFest is Newfoundland Power’s annual event which recently celebrated 20 years of hosting beautification projects across Newfoundland. Its team of environmental coordinators work with school, community and environmental partners to identify opportunities for promoting environmental awareness. In operation since 1997, the employee-driven program has partnered with more than 300 community groups and completed approximately 90 projects. Learn more

Maritime Electric Uses Wind Energy

Prince Edward Island has the highest level of wind integration in North America with the Island’s eight wind farms providing a combined generating capacity of 203 MW. Since 2001, Maritime Electric has had long-term renewable purchase power agreements in place to buy all the energy supplied by the wind farms of the Province of Prince Edward Island. Wind energy currently accounts for approximately 25% of Maritime Electric’s energy supply mix. Learn more

FortisOntario Partners with First Nations

FortisOntario and 24 First Nation communities are the general partners of Wataynikaneyap Power. Wataynikaneyap Power will develop and operate new transmission facilities to connect remote First Nation communities in northwestern Ontario. These communities are currently powered by diesel generation, which has become financially unsustainable, environmentally risky and is unable to meet the needs of communities. Learn more

CUC’s CORE Program

The Consumer Owned Renewable Energy (CORE) Programme at CUC enables customers that are interested in environmentally friendly renewable generation may connect to the distribution grid and receive credits for generated power. This is part of CUC’s commitment to providing a safe, reliable and efficient service to its customers in an environmentally responsible manner. Learn more

FortisTCI’s Utility-Scale Solar Project

FortisTCI will soon complete its first utility-scale solar project that will generate enough electricity to power 400 residential homes, reducing CO2 by over 1,700 tonnes. That is the equivalent of removing over 350 cars from the road for a year. Learn more

Fortis Hydro Generation

Fortis Inc.’s hydroelectric facilities produce high quality, renewable energy and is part of our overall strategy to increase our investment in sustainable cleaner energy. Learn more

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