2020 Annual and Special Meeting FAQ

1. What is a virtual meeting?

2. Why is the meeting being held virtually?

3. How can I participate?

4. Will a virtual-only meeting limit shareholders' ability to engage with the Board and Management?

5. How can I ask a question?

6. What are the rules around asking questions?

7. What is my 15-digit control number?

8. What do I do if I have a technical issue while logging on to the meeting, or with voting or asking a question during the meeting?

9. What will I be asked to vote on?

10. Who can vote?

11. How do I vote during the meeting?

12. Does this mean I have to wait until the meeting to vote my shares?

13. Can I change or revoke my vote?

14. How do I request a paper copy of the proxy circular or annual report?

15. Where can I view a replay of the meeting and the answers to questions submitted by shareholders?

16. Will you commit to holding a virtual meeting next year? In the future?

17. What constitutes a quorum?

18. Who conducts proxy solicitation and how much does it cost?

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