Statement on the Passing of Dr. Angus Bruneau from Barry Perry, President and CEO of Fortis Inc.

02/19/2017 09:50 EST


We are deeply saddened today by the passing of our founder, Dr. Angus Bruneau. Dr. Bruneau was a man steeped in vision - vision for business, vision for education and vision for ensuring that those around him were better off tomorrow than they were today.

Fortis is so proud to call Dr. Bruneau its founder. While leading Newfoundland Power, he saw a future in which our home-grown utility would become a leader in Canada. In 1987 he created Fortis when shareholders of Newfoundland Power turned their shares over to the new holding company. Dr. Bruneau guided Fortis for nearly two decades after its creation as President and CEO, and following that as Chair of the Board of Directors.

Dr. Bruneau's vision was realized, and then some. Today, not only is the company the largest electric and gas shareholder-owned utility in Canada, it is in the top 15 in North America. My colleagues at Fortis and I attribute this success to the unwavering perseverance and intellect of Dr. Bruneau under whose guidance the company surged ahead. He was a true gentleman whose courage, honesty and humility brought out the best in those around him.

A man of honour, Dr. Bruneau was an education leader as well as a philanthropist. What he and his wife Jean, and their family, have given back to our province is unquantifiable.

We are forever grateful for all Dr. Bruneau has done. He will be dearly missed. On behalf of our Board of Directors, our Senior Executive and our 8,300 employees, we offer sincere condolences to his family. Our hearts are with you all during this difficult time.

Ms. Karen McCarthy
Director, Communications and Corporate Affairs
Fortis Inc.

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