CH Energy is the parent company of Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation, a transmission and distribution utility serving gas and electricity customers in the Mid-Hudson River Valley in New York State. In 2018, Central Hudson met a peak electricity demand of 1,114 MW and peak day natural gas demand of 153 TJ.

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natural gas customers


electricity customers

  • Electricity transmission and distribution and gas distribution
  • Serves eight counties of New York State’s Mid-Hudson River Valley
  • Owns gas-fired and hydroelectric generating capacity totaling 64 MW
  • Regulated by New York State Public Service Commission


Distribution Management System

Central Hudson is investing in a Distribution Management System (DMS), a multi-year initiative providing better control and enhanced monitoring of the electric distribution system. DMS provides two primary benefits for customers: improving the reliability of electric service, and enhancing system efficiency to help lower customers’ energy use and reduce energy costs. Communications and system monitoring is made possible with the implementation of Network Strategy, a configuration of fiber optic and wireless communications devices that provide real time system data to a control center. Under development, this system will allow for remote monitoring and control of devices along the grid to shorten restoration times during outages, save energy and boost system performance.
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Year of the Veteran

Central Hudson celebrates locally the Year of the Veteran, and partners with Troops to Energy Jobs, a program that helps U.S. military service veterans make a successful transition to a rewarding career in the energy industry. The program provides veterans with educational and career counseling, as well as job placement assistance. Seventy-three veterans are currently employed at Central Hudson, comprising more than 7 percent of our work force, with 22 hired since Troops to Energy was launched in 2014.

Ray Mendock, one of 73 veterans employed by Central Hudson, is seen in his military uniform on the left and Central Hudson uniform on the right.

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