Fortis Inc. first entered the Ontario market in 1996 with the purchase of a 50% interest in Canadian Niagara Power, making Fortis the only utility company to have operations in three Canadian provinces at the time.

Fortis Inc. acquired the remaining 50% of Canadian Niagara Power in 2002, creating FortisOntario. Today, FortisOntario owns and operates three local distribution companies and also owns a 10% minority interest in certain regional electric distribution companies. FortisOntario met a peak demand of 261 MW in 2023. FortisOntario also acts as the Project Manager for the Wataynikaneyap Power Transmission Project.

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3,400 km

power lines

  • Owns and operates Canadian Niagara Power, Cornwall Electric and Algoma Power
  • Owns regulated transmission assets in the Niagara and Cornwall regions and a 10% interest in three strategic affiliates
  • Regulated by the Ontario Energy Board


Bringing power to First Nation communities

Wataynikaneyap Power is a transmission company, majority owned by 24 First Nation communities, seeking to connect remote communities to the Ontario power grid.

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FortisOntario committed to preserving the history of its communities

The companies that make up FortisOntario are geographically separated but share the commitment to support the communities in which they work and live. FortisOntario’s Algoma Power donated $52,000 towards the restoration of the Wawa Goose landmark. The Wawa Goose was first created to attract travellers off the newly constructed Trans-Canada Highway, remaining the main purpose of the historic monument. As one of the most photographed landmarks in North America, it has been a fundamental stop for many cross-Canada tours. More than just an attraction for tourists, the Wawa Goose Monument has become representative of Wawa itself –an icon instantly recognizable on the world stage.

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