ITC Holdings Corp. is the largest independent electricity transmission company in the U.S. – owner and operator of transmission systems in a footprint expanding to eight states. ITC has invested more than $8 billion in the electric transmission grid since its 2003 inception to improve reliability, expand access to markets, allow new generating resources to interconnect to its systems and lower the overall cost of delivered energy.  The company’s transmission systems serve a combined peak load exceeding 26,000 megawatts along approximately 15,800 circuit miles of transmission line. ITC’s calling card is operational excellence – transforming low-performing systems into top-tier reliability success stories, building new transmission infrastructure, and developing transmission solutions to address 21st century energy needs.

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over 1,000

skilled labor contractors


square miles of service territory

  • 15,800 circuit miles
  • 565 stations/substations
  • Regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission


Crossing an International Waterway – Lambton-St. Clair Line Upgrade

ITC Michigan is working with Ontario-based Hydro One to upgrade the communication path connecting the St. Clair Substation in East China Township, Mich., to the Lambton Transformer Station #2 in Courtright, Ontario.

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Helping Hearts & Hands in Hurricane Stricken Islands


In Puerto Rico, the damage caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria hit close to home for ITC’s Pedro Melendez, director of asset protection and performance. Melendez was born and raised there, and his family still lives on the island. So when EEI reached out to utility members, including ITC, for support he knew that he had to help.

For nearly 70 days Melendez worked as part of the incident command staff leading power restoration efforts. “We prioritized where to rebuild the grid to get stability to the system, connect critical customers, and restore essential transmission lines – all in coordination with PREPA, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Federal Emergency Management Association, and other industry contractors. We worked non-stop and were all working towards a common goal to restore power to the people of Puerto Rico.”

“While it’s clear that there is a long way to go to restore power to every last home, I’m proud of the progress and contributions that have been made,” says Melendez.


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