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Our Approach to Sustainability

Starting with our Board of Directors, the Governance and Nominating Committee specifically advises the Board on the status and adequacy of efforts to ensure Fortis business is conducted to meet the high standards of environmental and social responsibility

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Nora Duke, Executive Vice President, Sustainability and Chief Human Resource Officer reports to our President and CEO, Barry Perry, and is responsible for enterprise-wide sustainability and stewardship at the executive level. 

Sustainability performance impacts how our executives are compensated. Performance in the core areas of system reliability and safety is linked to incentive compensation for all Fortis executives. Additionally, in 2017, both Ms. Duke and Mr. Perry had their individual performance assessed against sustainability measured and linked to incentive pay.

In 2017 the Fortis Sustainability Working Group was established under the leadership of Ms. Duke.  Key leaders from across the Fortis group of utilities provide insights on different aspects of sustainability and were tasked with reviewing sustainability disclosures at Fortis to identify where improvements could be made.

The working group facilitates communication and sharing of information among our operating utilities on sustainability performance, issues and opportunities.

Another working group, the Fortis Operating Group has been well established for years and consists of senior operational executives from all utilities. This group meets regularly to share best practices and identify opportunities for collaboration on a range of topics including environment, health and safety.

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At every Fortis utility, the executive team is responsible for the operational aspects of sustainability. Sustainability is always at the forefront and we engage with professionals at all levels of our utilities, with the belief that good environmental and sustainability practices and management is good for both our business and our customers. Sustainability issues are managed first at the utility level to address applicable federal, provincial/state and municipal laws and regulations, which may differ in each service territory. Enterprise-wide sustainability issues are included in the Fortis enterprise risk management process and are integrated into the annual business strategy process for consideration by the Fortis executive and Board.

Engaging with Shareholders on Sustainability

In 2017 Fortis adopted a Board-Shareholder Engagement Policy to facilitate communication and engagement with shareholders about governance, environmental and social matters as well as our executive compensation practices. 

Also, in 2017, we held our inaugural board-shareholder engagement meeting with major shareholders. The Board Chair and two Committee Chairs met with 11 of our largest shareholders, representing approximately 14% of our total shares outstanding.

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October 25 2018

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Fortis contributes $3.25 million to commemorate Newfoundland and Labrador’s First World War Battle of Beaumont-Hamel. Fortis community initiatives

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