FortisAlberta teams up with local college to advance sustainability

A partnership between FortisAlberta and Red Deer College (RDC) was recently established to promote initiatives aimed at advancing a sustainable and resilient energy future.

  • Environment
  • Community

FortisAlberta, the primary electricity distribution provider in central and southern Alberta, and RDC, a visionary post-secondary institution, are collaborating on both immediate and long-term sustainable initiatives such as:

  • supporting student success and curriculum development by ensuring that teaching outcomes support dynamic and evolving industry needs;
  • integrating a practical, hands-on component into the student curriculum through the use of FortisAlberta’s state-of-the-art Employee Development Centre;
  • providing professional development training opportunities to FortisAlberta employees, to ensure individuals are well-equipped for success in their careers; and,
  • hosting joint community sessions that help inform citizens in rural and urban areas about community education programs regarding sustainable and alternative energy solutions.

FortisAlberta will team up with RDC to utilize its Alternative Energy Lab as a potential demonstration site for new and emerging alternative energy sources being developed by the utility. At the same time, the partnership will help support the college’s goal of becoming a carbon neutral campus.  

This unique partnership will be mutually beneficial, as it will enhance the day-to-day operations of both organizations and their stakeholders while providing for a sustainable and resilient energy future.

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May 15 2019

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