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Hope Blooms for Stella's Circle

Fortis made a $50,000 donation towards the Stella's Circle Expressive Therapy campaign. Stella’s Circle provides services to adults who face barriers to fully participating in our community, such as mental health challenges, addictions, poverty and low levels of literacy.

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“This generous donation will help us to incorporate leading-edge therapeutic approaches, combined with traditional talk therapy,” says Lisa Browne, CEO, Stella’s Circle. “We are an organization that very strongly believes in recovery and in addition to therapeutic benefits, expressive therapies help to build a sense of community which can improve health outcomes and decrease social isolation,” she continued.

Through their Expressive Therapies program, people can heal through the various forms of creative expression and hands-on learning. Examples include yoga, horticultural, music and equine therapies. For people who have difficulty sitting and talking, participating in a physical activity allows them to experience learnings in a concrete way. Expressive Therapies have a proven clinical effectiveness and enable participants to actually see their progress and take pride in the results whether it is a yoga pose, a piece of art, or working with a horse.

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“Fortis is a proud member of the local community in St. John’s and we are delighted to partner with Stella’s Circle to support the growth of their Expressive Therapies program,” says Nora Duke, Executive Vice President, Sustainability and Chief Human Resource Officer, Fortis. “We feel this program represents inclusion, respect and innovation – values that align closely with how we do business across North America. Stella’s Circle is transforming lives and supporting people in reaching their full potential. We are honoured to support their efforts.”


Geoff Dwyer, an Expressive Therapy participant and a member of the horticultural program Green Team shared wise words during the funding announcement, “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, it’s greener where it’s watered.”


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The Expressive Therapies fundraising campaign at Stella’s Circle has reached the halfway point of its $1 Million goal. More information can be found at

July 15 2019

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