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TEP Collaborates for Future Energy Needs

We are seeing the shift to a lower-carbon economy really take hold at our Arizona utility, Tucson Electric Power.

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Tucson Electric Power (“TEP”), a subsidiary of Fortis Inc. that provides electric service to approximately 425,000 customers in Southern Arizona, is focusing on the future energy needs of its customers while reducing carbon emissions from generating electricity. The company has filed its 2019 Preliminary Integrated Resource Plan with the Arizona Corporation Commission outlining how the company will reduce carbon emissions to provide customers reliable, affordable and increasingly sustainable service over the next 15 years.

TEP will work with community stakeholders and world-class climate experts at the University of Arizona to develop strategies and measurable, science-based targets aimed at reducing carbon emissions.

Here is what TEP’s President and CEO, Dave Hutchens, had to say about their latest filing: “Although TEP is on track to surpass its ambitious renewable energy goal of doubling the state requirement by expanding the use of wind and solar, we’re no longer satisfied with simply counting green kilowatts to gauge our progress toward greater sustainability. Our commitment to improving the quality of life in our community, both now and well into the future, has motivated us to develop new, more comprehensive goals that will be focused on reducing greenhouse gases as quickly as possible while maintaining affordable and reliable service for our customers.”

August 14 2019

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