Utilities Accelerate Adoption of EVs

Our utilities are actively engaged in a variety of initiatives to accelerate cost-effective and customer-focused adoption of electric vehicles.

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We recognize that innovation is important in advancing our sustainability goals. The transportation sector presents opportunities for sustainability-driven innovation through electrification.

Fortis was one of the founding members of the Alliance for Transportation Electrification. The alliance, which has grown to include about 50 organizations in the U.S., promotes the benefits of transportation electrification by focusing on the deployment of electric vehicle ("EV") infrastructure and standardized charging infrastructure.

Our utilities are actively engaged in a variety of initiatives to accelerate cost-effective and customer-focused adoption of electric vehicles:

  • Central Hudson provides incentives for utility upgrades and site development to enable the installation of Level 2 (208/204 volts) and Direct Current (“DC”) fast chargers, which recharge vehicles faster than typical household plugs. The program is intended to support installation of more than 3,200 Level 2 chargers and 69 DC fast chargers throughout the region. In addition, Central Hudson is committing to 10% or more annual vehicle replacement budget on fully electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles through 2025.
  • Tucson Electric Power ("TEP") funded the "Sabino Canyon Crawler", a battery-electric shuttle that provides scenic tours through Sabino Canyon in Arizona. The Canyon Crawler carries passengers safely and quietly through the canyon without disturbing wildlife or creating emissions. TEP contributed US$1.5 million and an additional US$1 million as an interest-free loan to fund the purchase of the shuttles. In addition to the funding, TEP upgraded the electric infrastructure to support installation of the associated charging stations.
  • FortisBC partnered with Natural Resources Canada (“NRC”), the Government of British Columbia (“BC”) and local communities to place DC fast charging stations at strategic locations throughout its service territory. The locations provide EV drivers options for short and long highway commutes and enables customers to charge their vehicles quickly and efficiently. Currently, FortisBC has 30 electric fast chargers in service across 19 locations, with plans to have at least 40 chargers in service across 23 communities in BC’s southern interior by the end of 2021.
  • Maritime Electric recently announced it will be installing 50 new Level 2 EV charging stations across Prince Edward Island (“PEI”). This project is in partnership with NRC, the Government of PEI and nine PEI municipalities.
  • Newfoundland Power has partnered with NRC through its takeCHARGE energy efficiency program to raise awareness on the benefits of owning an EV through the creation of a website, webinar series and an advertising campaign. The utility also filed its “Electrification, Conservation and Demand Management (CMD) Plan: 2021-2025” with its regulator in December of 2020. Included in the five-year plan is a proposed implementation of an EV charging infrastructure network for Newfoundland and Labrador.

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May 14 2021

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