FortisAlberta Opens Net-Zero Office

Championing a sustainable energy future involves demonstrating net zero action today.

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FortisAlberta is building a net-zero future by taking decisive action today. In spring 2023, they moved their local Lethbridge operations centre to a newly constructed net-zero office in nearby Coaldale, Alberta.

The Coaldale office, built to align with Canada Green Building Council's zero carbon building standard, demonstrates that operational requirements and a commitment to reducing emissions can go hand in hand.

“This new facility provided us an opportunity to test net-zero building standards in an operational context,” says Janine Sullivan, FortisAlberta CEO. “The ongoing operation of our Coaldale office will provide valuable insight and help us be an effective partner for our customers in their energy transition journeys.”

With 11,000 sq ft of shop space and 8,500 sq ft of office space, the Coaldale facility is fully electric. The net-zero design maximizes energy efficiency and minimizes resource consumption. The facility produces the same amount of energy that it will consume in a year.

The Coaldale office has a solar array on the roof and in the corner of the site. Environmentally friendly materials were used for the walls and roof, while LED lighting and efficient mechanical systems were installed.

FortisAlberta's inaugural net-zero office is an essential proof of concept, which will answer important questions about what meeting a future net-zero building standard could entail.

July 18 2023

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