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    June 15 2018

    Women in Executive Leadership 2018

    We held our 2018 Women in Executive Leadership forum in Toronto this week, hosted by our EVP Sustainability, Chief Human Resource Officer Nora Duke.
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    May 24 2018

    Good Governance is our Priority

    Good governance at Fortis is a high priority, and its starts with our Board of Directors.
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  • Watay Power Conference
    March 24 2018

    Landmark agreement for First Nations, Wataynikaneyap Power and Fortis

    Those of us who have reliable electricity rarely worry about being able to boil the kettle for a cup of tea in the morning. Such is not the case in some rural and remote parts of our country.
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  • transmission line12
    December 15 2017

    Taking the Right Steps For A Cleaner Energy Future

    Delivering cleaner energy is a key strategic initiative for Fortis as we plan for the future. Our customers want and expect flexibility in terms of where their energy comes from, and the control they have over their energy use.
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    • Environment
    • 2017
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  • Women in Executive Leadership
    October 12 2017

    Women in Executive Leadership

    "I have a fundamental problem with women being treated differently than men. We still have lots of work to do", Barry Perry, President and CEO, Fortis Inc.
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