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Below is a list of historical annual and quarterly reports of Fortis as well as other financial and regulatory reports. Investors who are interested in learning more are invited to subscribe for regular news and financial releases.

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Quarterly Reports

Year Q1 Q2 Q3
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Date Title English French
March 2, 2017 12,195,122 Common Shares 12,195,122 Common Shares
December 7, 2016 2.85% Senior Unsecured Notes 2.85% Senior Unsecured Notes 2.85% Senior Unsecured Notes
November 30, 2016 $5 Billion Short Form Base Shelf Prospectus $5 Billion Short Form Base Shelf Prospectus $5 Billion Short Form Base Shelf Prospectus
September 11, 2014 Series M First Preference Shares 2014-09-11-SeriesM-Preference-Shares-FinalProspectuseENG 2014-09-11-SeriesM-Preference-Shares-FinalProspectuseFRE
December 20, 2013 $1.6 Billion 4% Convertible Unsecured Subordinated Debentures represented by Instalment Receipts (FTS.IR) 2013-12-20-E1.6B-Convertible-Debentures-IReceipts-Final
July 09, 2013 Series K First Preference Shares (FTS.PR.K) 2013-07-09-Series-K-eng 2013-07-09-Series-K-fre
November 05, 2012 Series J First Preference Shares (FTS.PR.J) 2012-11-05-BXXT10026_FortisProsSuppSeries J_SEDAR_ENG 2012-11-05-BXXT10026_FortisProsSuppSeries J_SEDAR_FRE
June 20, 2012 18,500,000 Subscription Receipts 2012-06-20-367043_FORTIS_ENG_SEDAR 2012-06-20-367932_FORTIS_FRE_SEDAR
May 10, 2012 $1.3 Billion Short Form Base Shelf Prospectus 2012-05-10-BaseShelfProspectus2012_English 2012-05-10-BaseShelfProspectus2012_French
June 08, 2011 9,100,000 Common Shares (FTS) 2011-06-08-BAY71259_0959 2011-06-08-Fortis Inc prospectus définitif
January 18, 2010 Series H / Series I First Preference Shares (FTS.PR.H) (FTS.PR.I) 2010-01-18-FinalProspectus-English 2010-01-18-FinalProspectus-French
June 29, 2009 6.51% Senior Unsecured Debentures 2009-06-29-ProspectusJune29_English 2009-06-29-ProspectusJune29_French
December 12, 2008 11,700,000 Common Shares (FTS) 2008-12-12-11.7MCommonSharesEnglish 2008-12-12-11.7MCommonSharesFrench
May 15, 2008 Series G First Preference Shares (FTS.PR.G) 2008-05-15-SeriesG 2008-05-15-SeriesGFrench
March 07, 2007 38,500,000 Subscription Receipts 2007-03-07-SubReceipt_Mar7_English 2007-03-07-SubReceipt_Mar7_French
January 10, 2007 5,170,000 Common Shares (FTS) 2007-01-10-5.1MCommonShareIssue 2007-01-10-5170CommonFrench
September 20, 2006 Series F First Preference Shares (FTS.PR.F) 2006-09-20-PrefSeriesF_prospectus_English 2006-09-20-PrefSeriesF_prospectus_French
February 18, 2005 1,740,000 Common Shares (FTS) 2005-02-18-1.74MCommonShareIssue 2005-02-18-1740CommonFrench
January 20, 2004 Series E First Preference Shares (former First Preference Units) (FTS.PR.E) 2004-01-20-FirstPreferenceUnits 2004-01-20-SeriesEFrench
September 29, 2003 6,310,000 Subscription Receipts 2003-09-29-SubReceipt_prospectus 2003-09-29-6310SubFrench
Date Title English
January 25, 2013 Joint Proposal for Commission Approval of the Acquisition of CH Energy Group, Inc. by Fortis Inc. and Related Transactions 2013-01-25-JointProposal_WithAttachments
April 2, 2012 Notice of Application and Written Hearing (Ontario Energy Board) – Application for Electricity Generator License by Fortis Generation East Limited Partnership, by its general partner Fortis Generation East GP Inc. (English) 2012-04-02-noawh_eg_fortisgelp_20120402
April 2, 2012 Notice of Application and Written Hearing (Ontario Energy Board) – Application for Electricity Generator License by Fortis Generation East Limited Partnership, by its general partner Fortis Generation East GP Inc. (French) 2012-04-02-noawh_fr_eg_ fortiseglp_20120402
Year Title English French
2016 ITC Holdings Corp.

Business Acquisition Report

Material Change Report Closing (Oct)

Material Change Report Announcement (Feb)


2014 UNS Energy 2014-FTS-UNS-BARSep2014 2014-FTS-UNS-BARSep2014FRE
2007 Terasen Inc. 2007-FTS-TER-BARJun2007 2007-FTS-TER-BARJun2007FRE

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